“One week at Philia, was truly a transformative experience. Not only did I leave with an amazing new girlfriend, but the tools to live a happier life. Teal took me by the hand and facilitated my reconnection to people, animals, source, and myself. The experiences and relationships from one week at philia will last me a life time.”
Brian (Singles Retreat) 2017 Jan

“Coming to Philia assisted me in re-defining my identity. Where there was mis-trust I learned trust and collaboration. The staff have amazingly magical ability to hold space and connect from the heart. The property sings with birds and crawls with magical creatures. The entire place is a garden blooming with gratitude I am so honored I had the opportunity to experience such JOY.”
– Therese (Journey Into Self Retreat) 2017 Mar

“It opened and shifted me entirely. I feel the deep rising again in my heart. The deep connection with other people healed me and I am willing to take that back to Germany – Kathinka (Journey Into Self Retreat) 2017 Mar

“Philia is a place of healing and real connection. Expect to connect with people and to yourself in ways most people never do in their lifetime. Being part of the first Philia group was a humbling experience and it taught me how to be more vulnerable and human around people and be more confident and powerful while staying authentic. I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to exercise deeper spiritual practices and connect with other people who are like minded and willing to do the same. Very few people on this planet have the courage to go beyond themselves and if you’re a match to Philia you are definitely a match to greater changes in your life.”
– Sid (Singles Retreat) 2017 Jan

“Coming to Philia was a life changing experience to say the least. I came in completely broken and left with a renewed sense of identity and confidence. Everyone at the retreat center was very kind to me and helped me to feel comfortable whenever I may have been a bit nervous. I’m always trying to get my friends and family to go because I know it would benefit them to do some self-discovery work. It may be challenging to face yourself as it takes courage but the happiness that is available to you when you do is worth it. I would recommend Philia to anyone who wants to increase their happiness level and bring joy and love back into their life.”
-Alexia (Singles Retreat) 2017 Jan

“I am envious of the people who will be participating in the next [Singles retreats]. For Philia to really work its magic one has to have the emotional maturity to engage in radical honesty and follow the path of love. If you do so the results will be amazing. The retreat is beautiful and the whole team is remarkable. I lost physical and emotional baggage as I connected with some great vegan food and the other wonderful retreat members. It was a smashing experience.”
Daniel (Singles Retreat) 2017 Jan

“I just finished attending the Curveball Retreat with Teal which began on 11/11/17.  The numbers don’t get any better than this! It was promised that this retreat would change our lives which is why I went.  I wanted to remove the blocks that were keeping me from fulfilling my life purpose.  My expectations were high and I can say that this retreat went above and beyond my wildest dreams!
My life has been impacted in the most significant way possible…it was an incredible experience.  Let me start with the Love, from the moment I arrived I felt loved, heard and cared for in every way possible….from my basic needs to my emotional and spiritual needs.  The staff are amazing human beings caring, fun, skilled in working with us, supportive and they provided the safety we needed to do the deep work that needed to be done.
Teal started working her magic from the moment she walked into the room. She is one of the most beautiful human beings I have ever met, and I’m not talking about her outer beauty (that’s obvious), I’m talking about her inner beauty, I have so much love and respect for her and the work she is doing for this planet it is beyond words.  She created an environment, where if you want to really do the work, you will change your life.  She was empowering, loving, wise, gentle, tough, vulnerable and present for each and every one of us.
Because of the love, support and high energy, I was able to experienced the most intense pain imaginable from a shocking revelation buried in my subconscious that had been holding me back from fulfilling my life purpose and feeling whole, to experiencing the greatest joy imaginable.  It was confirmed beyond any doubt that the woman i met 3 years ago is my Twin Flame, and although we are still in separation we reconnected because of the retreat.  She is working on herself, but knows that i am here when she is ready.  And my pain well because of all the work I have done, I was able to integrate my inner child during the session and feel whole and complete for the first time in my life.
Finally, the people who attended came from all over the world and when we first met we were strangers, when it was time to go there wasn’t a dry eye to be found.  When had been through one of the most profound experiences a human can go through, and we did it together in the most intimate way possible.  Life long friendship were formed and my heart has expanded 10 fold!
It doesn’t get any better than this!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart Teal, and your Angels!”
– Susan (The Curveball Retreat) Nov 2017

“Philia is an incredible experience, Beautiful resort in a beautiful country. The facilities add to the immersive experience of whatever one comes here for. I’ve been to Philia for two workshops now, the Singles Retreat and the Breatharian Workshop. I’ve learned a lot, identified and transformed crucial issues within myself, and met new friends, Both Workshops delivered far more than I expected in terms of personal development. I highly recommend this experience to anyone looking for spiritual growth and like minded connections.”
-Marcel (Singles Retreat & The Breatharian Retreat) 2017 Mar

“Philia Center provided a space of a profound healing experience and deep connection with others. It was stunningly beautiful here. The workshop was profoundly heart opening and surprising, and Todd Zimmerman, his wife Denise working together with the staff created an experience I will take with me on my journey. Thank you Teal and Staff.”
– Subrina (Journey Into Self Retreat) 2017 Mar

“This was a my first trip to Costa Rica & Philia Center for the Singles Retreat, January 2017. A Gorgeous & Wonderful place for Inner work, guided by Beautiful, Warm, and Heartfelt Teacher, Facilitators, and Staff. I had a personal experience with Teal, right in the middle of the Kitchen amidst many people during our meal time, and was TOUCHED by her undivided attention, holding me and being there, while I was going through bodily tremors, processing what needed to process. This CO-CREATIVE Healing interaction continued while sitting and having our meals together, where her spoken wisdom flowed from her HEART, reaching the deep of my Core. I will NEVER FORGET that Experience with my Cosmic sister, FULLY PRESENT for another Being (tears running down my face as I’m writing this) of Creation. Beautifully Designed Course, where days of intense processing were followed by Magical bathing moments under Waterfalls surrounded by elemental spirits/orbs. Magnificent swimming delight in WARM azur blue ocean. This Magnificent location on Earth is To BE Experienced by Everyone!!! “
François (Singles Retreat) 2017 Jan

“The two biggest impacts on my self help journey have been; finding Teal, and visiting Philia. The combination of these two experiences allowed to define what happiness is and then manifest faster than I ever thought possible. This led to meeting a wonderful man, my new boyfriend Brian, whom I met at Philia. We are still together and I am very excited about our future together. I’d recommend Philia retreat to anyone who truly wants to change their life.“
Louise (Singles Retreat) 2017 Jan

“Philia served to immensely validate my renewed trust in my own intuition, as a conduit from Source and my highest self. it showed me how incredibly powerful this relationship is, and how the universe—which is to say “we”—always manifests exactly what each of us NEEDS at any given moment. It also showed me that great teachers, such as Teal and Konstandina do not really give us the answers, but instead show us that all the answers are always found looking in. furthermore, they motivate us to pose ourselves new questions. Philia showed me I was there “in large part on my own errand, but also because of others; because (all of) you were there, and because of the “forrest”, and something I have forgotten; and in large part I knew not why I came.”
Erick (Singles Retreat) 2017 Jan