• Private Room (Single) – $2,010.00
  • Shared Room – $1,050.00

The Completion Process Retreat

December 29, 2018 - January 5, 2019

We welcome you to
The Completion Process Retreat

A week filled with emotional processing, healing, connection, community, games and so much more!

What is The Completion Process? 

The Completion Process was developed by the spiritual luminary Teal Swan, meant to help even the most wounded and fractured people become whole again. You can read more in depth about the process or find the book here.

There are hundreds of Completion Process practitioners, personally trained by Teal Swan, all around the world that are changing peoples lives daily online or in person. And now we’re excited to invite you to a Completion Process retreat for a whole week of life-changing processing and healing.

*Please notice that this is NOT a Completion Process training. To be trained in the process please apply here.


Who’s leading the retreat?

You will be led by a team of some of Teal’s closest community and team members, who are not only all certified in the Completion Process, but also have had the experience of leading people through this and other processes in all of Philia’s retreats. They’ve also had the priviledge of participating in Teal Swan leading many people through this process and they’ve assisted her in training many of the currently active practitioners.

Please note that Teal Swan will not be present at the retreat.


What’s on the agenda?

During the week we will dive deep into emotions and shadows using The Completion process as well as several other Teal Swan’s processes. which will create a highly personalised experience, based on the collective consciousness of the group.

As we’ve seen through all of our previous retreats, what comes out from the week at Philia is both a new level of knowing oneself and deep connections that cannot be broken by time or distance long after the retreats are over.

The week also includes having fun down time like going on excursions to explore Costa Rica, going to the beach, connecting with other retreat guests, pool parties and games!


What’s included in the price?

As per all of our retreats, what’s included in the price is:
accommodation, all of the meals, excursion transportation and all activities on location.


The retreat is a perfect start in your emotional healing journey and to advance it if you’re experienced already however you will not be “completely healed” in this one week. It is going to be transformative to the level of your willingness to transform and results vary. The team members will be there as guides however change can only ever come from within.

Please do not attend this retreat if you are suicidal or going through regular periods of panic attacks. To get professional help please find a qualified clinic near you.

We hope to see you at Philia for a transforming week!