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  • Shared Room – $3,100.00

Breatharianism Workshop – The 10 Day Process

With Ray Maor

March 18 - April 1, 2017

Our retreats are hosted from Saturday to Saturday. All of our retreats include food, accommodation, airport pick up and drop off, activities and workshops.


Join this once in a lifetime unique experience that will bring you the highest degree of body detoxification, anti-aging, maximum health benefits, lots of free time, will open your energy centers, increase your happiness & awareness levels and so much more! Taught by Breatharian master Ray Maor.


  • Be FREE of the dependency of food cravings and hunger or worrying about your health and what is good for you as the ‘experts’ keep changing their minds.
  • KNOW that your body is at its maximum potential. Be the perfect size and weight for your body, as you were designed to be originally.
  • Have MORE energy and vitality with better quality of sleep and more time.
  • KNOW that you can experience whatever is calling you without the fear of getting it wrong, making a mistake or failure.
  • Live much longer (Life extension) – KNOW you can be healthier and more energetic.
  • KNOW you can be more free in everything.

Do you feel a calling for a deeper life experience? A call for spiritual development or simply MORE? Are you looking to expand your awareness?

Do you wish to experience and understand more of who you are?


Here are some suggestions how to prepare before the workshop:

  1. Leave the process to the process (*You know what I mean…). No need to over think it, just be excited and stay in the present moment. Once you really decide to do it, you might feel some changes in your life begin to happen.
  2. Read & learn about other breatharians so your sub-conscious will get in the habit and the belief system will begin to shift
  3. You can begin practicing a little by a weekly water fast – this is more of a mental & social preperation as you will see that it will become real easy for you. It is mostly to how we respond to our friend, colleages and other people when we tell them we are fasting and building cooping mechanisms to saying no occasionaly.
  4. Start being more aware of the 4 body system and the balance. Physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. We will be working on balancing all four.
  5. Personal suggestion – don’t start talking about it with everyone, as some people are simply not yet ready to handle it.


Every day in the process

  • We meet for a short and easy physical excercise using ancient routines followed by specific breathing excercises and a guided meditation. These are all chosen for their special ability to support and strengthen the mind, body and spirit through the process and post process.
  • Every afternoon the group meets again to once again excercise breathing excercises and guided meditations. Every night we also have a sharing circle and some nights we have other group activities.
  • During noon time we have different workshops (described below).
  • In between workshops/sessions there remains a lot of free time to allow the participants to experience and understand the evolving Self through this very special spiritual process.
  • Every night there is a sharing circle and some nights we have other group activities, workshops / classes / films.
  • There will be one day of Vipassana.
  • You will learn a unique Karma Cleansing Exercise.

Workshops \ Classes

  • Manifestation workshop (two parts) – for more details view this video from Ray’s lecture in Norway.
  • Basic channeling workshop.
  • A single day of Vipassana
  • Unique Karmatic cleansing excercise
  • Pranic energy workshop.
  • Integration with the outside world (two parts) – helps the participants understand how to explain himself and how to integrate the outside world with his new deeper truth.View the complete from another process online here.

The monitored gradual fast is as follows

  • A week before the Process the participants are asked to begin a raw food diet, this helps during the deep detox process.
  • On the first day of the Process we only eat fruits.
  • On the second day just drink juice.
  • The third day we only drink water.
  • Then we go on almost 4 days of dry fasting.
  • For the last days we only drink diluted juices.

Have no fear with regards to the dry fasting.  Even though it is completely normal to have some fear, please understand that this is because we have been conditioned to believe that we cannot live without water for more than 3 days.  There are very logical reasons for the 4 days of dry fasting, which will be fully explained during the Process. It is generally a very happy surprise when participants find it easier than they initially expected.



Ray Maor
My name is Ray Maor and I am a guide for self mastery and a breatharian initiation guide. I have been living a Pranic \ Breatharian way of life for many years now. It is my goal to raise global consciousness and share my knowledge of claiming our full potential as human beings. This means recognizing and better understanding the illusion of the reality that is dependent on our beliefs. In other words, its all about mind over matter… Through this website, I am attempting to raise global consciousness about the human potential – a doorway that is open to all who wish to experience a life-changing experience and elevate themselves to their highest potential.   10 day process workshop around the world – A life changing and consciousness expanding experience! I have created a unique process that allows individuals to explore their inner mastery and opens their chi energy flow forever. The process integrates knowledge, experience and deep a very deep cleansing. The process is sometimes done to change our lifestyle and at other times individuals want to do it just as a once in a lifetime life changing experience! For complete information on the process, please visit the 10 day process page.   Visit Ray’s website: http://raymaor.com
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