William Gochenour

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio on July 24 1954 I soon found myself crawling around on the floor with parents that were having group meditation and discussing the writings of Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet. Every morning my parents would pray, meditate, and then do yoga before breakfast.
As I grew older I became fascinated by Edgar Cayce’s  readings about healing, Atlantis, auras, etc.
My father began working for the United Nations so we traveled around the world. This allowed me to witness how other people lived in other parts of the world.
I attended high school for two years in Vienna Austria and in Geneva Switzerland.
I returned to America to attend college and graduate from Chico  State University. After receiving my BA, and getting married I began my career in Alternative Healing with a massage certification, as well as Reiki, Iridology, Reflexology, and Rising Star Healing Modality.
Once we moved to Chico CA, in 1996 I started my own business called MindBody Connection. Since then I have been working in my Palo Alto office and Chico office offering a wide range of teaching, healing modalities, spiritual coaching, and workshops that have taken me to England, Los Angeles, Canada, San Diego and now Costa Rica.
I specialize in  Foundation grounding, and  healing the heart, and also offer bio-acoustic therapy, singing bowls, hanging tuning forks, color and light therapy, and more.