Shaman Carlos

Carlos is a spiritual guide and ceremony facilitator and has helped countless people on their spiritual journey in life. He assists with the integration process that inevitably occurs after working with plant medicine and also offers nutritional therapy.

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Events with Shaman Carlos

Kambo retreat
January 2, 2018

Teal first experimented with Kambo in 2014 and shared her experience in her blog The Kiss of The Frog. Kambo is a legal shamanic medicine that has been used for thousands of years within the jungle. Kambo is getting traction in the West, where increasing numbers of people are seeking the medicine to treat mental, emotional and physical issues. The resin contains substances known as peptides, which have been proven to strengthen the immune system. It acts as a catalyst for your spiritual evolution as it will show you the path for emotional healing. Carlos, a native from Costa Rica, will be facilitating this retreat. Carlos has facilitated shamanic journeys to thousands of participants. Everyone who has worked with Carlos have enjoyed his loving presence, careful attention and spiritual guidance. Many people from Teal’s community have worked with Carlos and have found him excellent at providing a safe & loving container for their shamanic journeys. Schedule Saturday: Guests arrival Sunday: Kambo day 1 Monday: Purification at the Waterfalls Tuesday: Kambo day 2 Wednesday: Connection & Completion process Thursday: Kambo day 3 Friday: Day at the beach Saturday: Guests leave   Kambo is not for you if you have or have…