Teal Swan

Teal Swan was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico and came into the world experiencing a variety of intense intuitive abilities including clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and claircognizance. When her family moved to a remote national forest area in Utah during her childhood, word of Teal’s gifts spread quickly through the nearby conservative religious communities. Before long, a new family acquaintance took Teal and inducted her into a local cult at the age of six. For the next 13 years, she was ritually, sexually and emotionally tortured by her captor.

At the age of 19, she escaped and began the process of transforming the deepest darkness of her experiences into healing, bringing her shadows into the light. Now, through her workshops, YouTube channel offerings, a forthcoming documentary film and her new book, “The Completion Process”, Teal is helping people across the globe to overcome fears and past traumas to live full, authentic lives.

In 2014, Teal Swan founded a social movement based on THE PRINCIPLE OF AUTHENTICITY.  She became the first public figure in the field of spirituality to tear down the curtain between her public life and private life.  She transparently shares the details of her private life on her widely celebrated blog.  The ideology behind her authenticity movement is that today’s fast paced modern world is built on pretense instead of authenticity. When the world is built on pretense, the truth of a person and the truth of the world cannot emerge in order to be known. When a human being is forced to fit into a society by conforming to social ideals, their emotions are suppressed and they lose touch with their own authentic being as well as their innate knowledge of the universe at large. They begin to “pretend” to be one way when the reality of who they are and how they feel is quite the opposite. Sometimes this pretense runs so deep that people are fooled by their own illusion. Wars are waged because people are unable to admit to and embrace their fear and grief. Murders are committed because people are unwilling to face the powerlessness they feel. People live unfulfilled lives of addiction and greed because they have never given themselves permission to admit to what they want and how they feel. We live in an age of suppression, where the symptoms of illness are numbed and drugged out of our awareness. We are so busy “keeping up the facade” that we forfeit the opportunity for real personal growth. We are in essence, living in an age of “un-enlightenment”.


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Events with Teal Swan

The Curveball - A Teal Swan Workshop
November 11, 2017

Welcome to the exclusive Philia retreat hosted by Teal Swan! It does not get any more personal than this! In this extraordinary workshop, you will be going into it completely blind and so will she. As an extrasensory, Teal Swan, the internationally recognized spiritual leader will show up completely unprepared.  She will observe the group and based on her observations, she will custom design the workshop to the specific attendees that stand before her. A curveball is something that is unexpected, surprising and disruptive. We call this workshop “The Curveball” because those of us who know Teal, know that she loves to throw curveballs. It is a guarantee that by attending this workshop, you will encounter the unexpected, you will be surprised and the patterns that are holding you back will be disrupted. It will not be possible to attend a Curveball workshop and for your life to continue along its current course. The question is: Are you ready for it? This retreat will consist of 4 days of workshop and one day of excursion. This is an all-inclusive retreat where food, accommodation, activities and the workshop itself are all included in the price. All meals in Philia are vegan with vegetarian…