Ale Gicqueau

Ale was born in France, the country of Love. He started his spiritual journey when he was 19 after experiencing a full body mystical state of consciousness that made him realize that there was much more to life than the reality visible to the naked eye.

His spiritual quest brought him to the USA when he was 22. He settled in Silicon Valley where he worked for 20 years as a successful entrepreneur in the software industry. Applying his knowledge about how to attract his ideal partner into his life, he attracted and manifested the love of his life, Teal Swan into his reality and it has been an exhilarating rollercoaster ever since.

Events with Ale Gicqueau

Singles Retreat
July 1, 2017

  After the success of the first Philia Singles Retreat that gave rise to four beautiful love stories as well as lots of fun & learning, we are doing it again this summer during the 4th of July holiday! This time, we will bring 9 women and 9 men to Philia! As before, each application will be personally reviewed by Teal Swan. Watch the video below to see the highlights from our first Singles retreat! This retreat is dedicated to any straight single people in search of true intimacy – we will spend the week exploring the topic of dating and most especially, learning how to manifest the relationship that you want. The Program Saturday: Guest Arrival, Game Night Sunday: Workshop Day 1 with experiential exercises Monday: Excursion Tuesday: Workshop Day 2 with experiential exercises Wednesday: Learning and applying one of Teal Swan’s processes Thursday: Workshop Day 3 with experiential exercises Friday: Day at the Beach Saturday: Guest Check-out This retreat will be hosted by Philia’s co-owner, Teal Swan’s husband Ale Gicqueau. Because of his life experience, Ale is uniquely qualified to teach the following dating topics: Getting ready for a romantic partner. How to attract the significant other of your dreams. What is…