• Private Room (Single) – $1,785.00
  • Shared Room – $1,050.00

Find Your Creativity Workshop

With Rotem Cohen

April 8 - 15, 2017

Day I

Session 1: Playful Child Meditation: Connecting with the energy of ourselves as a playing child and feeling our natural creativity that is inert to it

Session 2: The Inner Ensemble Exercise:  Using techniques from the world of theater to give faces to our unconscious parts, bringing our natural creative ability to places in life where we feel a creative block

The Inner Story: Examining the relationships between the characters of our ‘Inner Ensemble’, learning the validity of their perspectives and the importance each has for our growth.

Day II

Session 1: Flow Painting: an exercise on using the mind to release creative blocks

Session 2: The Four elements: An exercise on using somatic experiencing as a base for creation

Free Creation: Making an art piece out of our ‘Inner Story’, dealing with our blocks hands-on.


Session 1: Free Creation – continued

Session 2: Presentation of the art pieces & Sharing



Rotem Cohen
Rotem Cohen, 26, is an artist and an art teacher. Passionate about emotional healing, spirituality and bringing people closer together, Rotem has a B.A. double majoring in psychology and theatre, is a rebirthing therapist and is now earning her masters degree in drama-therapy. She lives in a kibutz in the Upper Galilee, Israel.
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