• Private Room (Single) – $1,785.00
  • Shared Room – $1,050.00

Singles Retreat

With Ale Gicqueau

July 1 - 8, 2017



After the success of the first Philia Singles Retreat that gave rise to four beautiful love stories as well as lots of fun & learning, we are doing it again this summer during the 4th of July holiday!

This time, we will bring 9 women and 9 men to Philia! As before, each application will be personally reviewed by Teal Swan.

Watch the video below to see the highlights from our first Singles retreat!

This retreat is dedicated to any straight single people in search of true intimacy – we will spend the week exploring the topic of dating and most especially, learning how to manifest the relationship that you want.

The Program
: Guest Arrival, Game Night
Sunday: Workshop Day 1 with experiential exercises
Monday: Excursion
Tuesday: Workshop Day 2 with experiential exercises
Wednesday: Learning and applying one of Teal Swan’s processes
Thursday: Workshop Day 3 with experiential exercises
Friday: Day at the Beach
Saturday: Guest Check-out

This retreat will be hosted by Philia’s co-owner, Teal Swan’s husband Ale Gicqueau. Because of his life experience, Ale is uniquely qualified to teach the following dating topics:

  • singles4Getting ready for a romantic partner.
  • How to attract the significant other of your dreams.
  • What is getting in the way of you manifesting your ideal partner.
  • How do you know someone is right for you?
  • The real truth about behind romantic attraction.
  • The keys of a successful relationship.

You can read more about Ale at the bottom of this page.

Why should you go?

  • singles3You are single and want to attract a special person into your life
  • The attendees will be hand picked by Teal Swan, the spiritual catalyst to make it a magical and transformative experience for everyone
  • If you get triggered, you can rely on the loving and supportive presence of our staff that is trained and certified to facilitate you with The Completion Process
  • You are looking forward to tasty and healthy vegan food
  • You would like to explore the warmth of Costa Rica, including the beaches and the lavish rainforests

Get ready for a week of fun, learning and excitement at Philia summer singles retreat!



  • You buy your own flight to San Jose, Costa Rica
  • $1785 for a private room
  • $1190 for a shared room with a person of the same gender
  • This is an all-inclusive retreat. Food, accommodation and activities are all included


How to be selected

singlesApply now as space is limited!
Send a confidential email to with the following information:

  • A short bio
  • A recent picture of yourself
  • Your sexual orientation: straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, polyamorous
  • Your date of birth, country of birth and residence
  • A description of your ideal partner
  • Your past struggles in intimate relationships
  • If you would like a private or a shared room


Testimonials From Our Last Singles Retreat

“One week at Philia, was truly a transformative experience. Not only did I leave with an amazing new girlfriend, but the tools to live a happier life. Teal and Ale took me by the hand and facilitated my reconnection to people, animals, source, and myself. The experiences and relationships from one week at philia will last me a life time.”


“This was a my first trip to Costa Rica & Philia Center for the Singles Retreat, January 2017. A Gorgeous & Wonderful place for Inner work, guided by Beautiful, Warm, and Heartfelt Teacher, Facilitators, and Staff. I had a personal experience with Teal, right in the middle of the Kitchen amidst many people during our meal time, and was TOUCHED by her undivided attention, holding me and being there, while I was going through bodily tremors, processing what needed to process. This CO-CREATIVE Healing interaction continued while sitting and having our meals together, where her spoken wisdom flowed from her HEART, reaching the deep of my Core. I will NEVER FORGET that Experience with my Cosmic sister, FULLY PRESENT for another Being (tears running down my face as I’m writing this) of Creation. Beautifully Designed Course, where days of intense processing were followed by Magical bathing moments under Waterfalls surrounded by elemental spirits/orbs. Magnificent swimming delight in WARM azur blue ocean. This Magnificent location on Earth is To BE Experienced by Everyone!!! “


“Philia is a place of healing and real connection. Expect to connect with people and to yourself in ways most people never do in their lifetime. Being part of the first Philia group was a humbling experience and it taught me how to be more vulnerable and human around people and be more confident and powerful while staying authentic. I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to exercise deeper spiritual practices and connect with other people who are like minded and willing to do the same. Very few people on this planet have the courage to go beyond themselves and if you’re a match to Philia you are definitely a match to greater changes in your life.”
– Sid


“The Philia singles retreat was an EPIC adventure and the most exciting, awesome way to kick off the new year.!  I can say with confidence that if you are willing to be vulnerable and open you will return from this retreat energetically cleansed and ready to attract your new partner as i was. (or you may be among the lucky to find their partner at the retreat.) Either way you will walk away with a variety of insights into yourself and how to attract the person you really want in your life. Your facilitator, Ale is one of the kindest, gentlest, grounded, compassionate men i have ever met in my life and made everyone who spent time with him feel comfortable, supported and loved and was always there for any of us at anytime we needed him especially if he noticed someone was triggered. You are in for a very special treat. I wish I could wipe my memory and do it all over again and again. Awesome times I will remember forever! 🙂 “


“The two biggest impacts on my self help journey have been; finding Teal, and visiting Philia. The combination of these two experiences allowed to define what happiness is and then manifest faster than I ever thought possible. This led to meeting a wonderful man, my new boyfriend Brian, whom I met at Philia. We are still together and I am very excited about our future together. I’d recommend Philia retreat to anyone who truly wants to change their life.“


“Philia is an incredible experience, Beautiful resort in a beautiful country. The facilities add to the immersive experience of whatever one comes here for. I’ve been to Philia for two workshops now, the Singles Retreat and the Breatharian Workshop. I’ve learned a lot, identified and transformed crucial issues within myself, and met new friends, Both Workshops delivered far more than I expected in terms of personal development. I highly recommend this experience to anyone looking for spiritual growth and like minded connections.”


“Philia served to immensely validate my renewed trust in my own intuition, as a conduit from Source and my highest self. it showed me how incredibly powerful this relationship is, and how the universe—which is to say “we”—always manifests exactly what each of us NEEDS at any given moment. It also showed me that great teachers, such as Teal, Ale and Konstandina do not really give us the answers, but instead show us that all the answers are always found looking in. furthermore, they motivate us to pose ourselves new questions. Philia showed me I was there “in large part on my own errand, but also because of others; because (all of) you were there, and because of the “forrest”, and something I have forgotten; and in large part I knew not why I came.”


“Coming to Philia was a life changing experience to say the least. I came in completely broken and left with a renewed sense of identity and confidence. Everyone at the retreat center was very kind to me and helped me to feel comfortable whenever I may have been a bit nervous. I’m always trying to get my friends and family to go because I know it would benefit them to do some self-discovery work. It may be challenging to face yourself as it takes courage but the happiness that is available to you when you do is worth it. I would recommend Philia to anyone who wants to increase their happiness level and bring joy and love back into their life.”


“I am envious of the people who will be participating in the next retreat. For Philia to really work its magic one has to have the emotional maturity to engage in radical honesty and follow the path of love. If you do so the results will be amazing. The retreat is beautiful and the whole team is remarkable. I lost physical and emotional baggage as I connected with some great vegan food and the other wonderful retreat members. It was a smashing experience.”


Ale Gicqueau
Ale was born in France, the country of Love. He started his spiritual journey when he was 19 after experiencing a full body mystical state of consciousness that made him realize that there was much more to life than the reality visible to the naked eye. His spiritual quest brought him to the USA when he was 22. He settled in Silicon Valley where he worked for 20 years as a successful entrepreneur in the software industry. Applying his knowledge about how to attract his ideal partner into his life, he attracted and manifested the love of his life, Teal Swan into his reality and it has been an exhilarating rollercoaster ever since.
Learn more about Ale Gicqueau